The hook

This hook
Binds me to this world
And the worlds of past.
Holding this hook
I looked towards the future
And permeate to the ether.
Hinged to this hook
I grow my roots
Beneath the surface of the earth
Deep down
And I spread my shoots
High in the sky.
Through this hook
I am centered
I have a reference point
However far I go
I know my belonging.
Away From This hook
I may wander,
But deep within me
I know my home
My first ever home
That was my hook
My mother…

©Nancy K.A.N.

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Are you around?
Or sitting on the ground?
just like a mound
Still in bounds…
Tearing apart and frowned
On your state astound !!!
Or have you been found ?
When you were in compound
In your thoughts drowned
Your soul browned
Boiling but unsound.
Desiring to rebound
In the battle ground
About all that is profound
Or you need to unwound
Stay aground
Let the peace abound
And you calm down !!!
Saying this I lost my mind
The last pound.

©Nancy K.A.N.

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Global Space

journey to the unknown
for this I was born – a seeker
It was destined from the beginning
by my ignorance
it was just lingering.

This journey of loneliness
yet I am not alone
I find many more
whose destiny is in the same store.

There exists a place
not in the universe
but within,
none can accompany
yet walk in parallel.

Undiscovered, virgin and mystic land
A global space
pool of peace
Nothing is hidden
veil is lifted.

seekers of truth
it seeks
to be found and shared
Agape is the key.


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Music Of My Soul



There’s been so many times

That the stars have kissed the oceans

Many seasons have come

Many rolled dimes

I have seen the highways

And all the seasons

I have felt a joy in looking

Endlessly at the oceans

As I sit at the shore and listen

To the music of my soul

I begin to think

Who I am?

What I’m meant to be?

I begin to think

Of the purpose of my

Being in this world

There’s been so many times.

That my trust and heart’s been broken

Many people have come

And many have gone

I have felt the sorrows

And the bliss

I have learnt many lessons

And gained a story

With each scar

I begin to learn

Who I am?

What I’m meant to be?

I begin to know

Of the purpose of my being

In this world

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